A Guide to Ultrasonic Screening

10 Jul by Worldhide

A Guide to Ultrasonic Screening

Ultrasonic’s is used in many industries, but what is it? It is the use of sound waves to help with certain industrial processes. A dictionary would tell you that it is the application of acoustic energy. Again, according to the dictionary, it is the use of both high and low pressure sound waves that creates and rapidly collapses bubbles of air, which leads to disintegration. It is used for various things, such as detecting flaws in metals and other materials, also, for measurement and even cleaning. linear screen

Many industries use ultrasonic machines to mix measure and sift different products. They are a vital component for chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers, who have to blend powders or liquids in precise proportions. Ultrasonic’s is usually applied through the use of screeners and sieves, both by mixing and straining. From food and beverage companies to recycling and recovery firms, in many industrial processes size and shape of the constituent components have to be similar. Ultrasonic machines sort the raw materials for production.

The screeners and sieves come in various sizes and varieties according to the industry and size of the plant. Many can be moved by hand. Impurities or unusable sizes are sifted out by a series of screens or levels. Ultrasonic’s is used to vibrate or agitate base materials to either separate or blend them. One screener uses an air suspension or bellows system that vibrates and grades the material into the right size and discards alien or unwanted properties. This kind of system is considered not only versatile, but potentially much faster. Also the down time while cleaning and maintenance is much quicker. These machines are also designed to be product friendly. The aim is the absolute minimum of waste or spoiling, ensuring high quality product with little loss.

When choosing a supplier of ultrasonic screening equipment, manufacturers have a range of options. A screener might be a stand-alone function or there might be a requirement for a whole processing system that starts with the arrival of the raw materials and ends with the packaging of the finished product. It might be a single flow stream where just one product moves through the mechanism to be sorted and graded or it can include various integrated flow processes where any number of ingredients/product might be combined. As with most industrial supplies there are off the shelf products or there are companies that can provide bespoke systems.

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