Apple iPhone 4 is Coming – First to Get Detailed Explanation on 8 Aspects

31 Aug by Worldhide

Apple iPhone 4 is Coming – First to Get Detailed Explanation on 8 Aspects

iPhone is a lovely, elegant and modish device that gives you a high joyous feeling as with the iPhone in your hand, anything is possible for you on the go! Use of the iPhone is not just a status symbol in fact it has many functionalities that actually attract you at once. It is a perfect combination of camera, mobile and laptop that make your work easier while you are on the go. Although it has many appealing features but somewhere it has some limitations too. For instance, iPhone supports limited formats of documents and if you try to run a document which is not in the format that iPhone does support, iPhone would simply not allow you to run that document.

Let us take the example of a PDF file here. Suppose you need to read your current progress which is in PDF format on your iPhone while you are on the go. What would you do to read it on your iPhone? You would definitely email yourself that PDF file and then read it from your iPhone’s inbox when you need to do so. But this is not a permanent solution because iPhone merely retains a temporary copy and you need a permanent copy on your iPhone that you can read while you are traveling.

To solve this problem and to add some extra functionality in iPhone, we have Folder Lock for iPhone now. Folder Lock for iPhone works like a magic. It does not only allow you to run almost all formats of files in your iPhone but it will also password protect them. You can transfer files and documents which you want to read on your iPhone from your computer to iPhone by means of Wi-Fi connectivity.

With Folder Lock for iPhone you can save all types of Microsoft Word documents that include doc and docx formats, Microsoft Excel files that include xls and xlsx formats, web pages that include html and htm formats, PowerPoint presentations including ppt and pptx formats, text and rich text files including txt and rtf formats and all available formats of video, audio, and images.

With Folder Lock for iPhone, you can even download files directly from the internet to your iPhone and have them ready for reading anytime you want. Folder Lock for iPhone has a special categorization system that will automatically sort files and documents into their relevant category based on their format and extension type. The program has pre-defined five categories namely Documents, Pictures, Audios, Videos and Miscellaneous. It only requires Wi-Fi connectivity to transfer files from your PC or MAC to your iPhone. Folder Lock for iPhone works in all 2.1 OS versions and later iPhones and iPod Touch and may also work in iPad

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