Board Sport Training – The Three Best Ways to Improve Your Balance

30 Aug by Worldhide

Board Sport Training – The Three Best Ways to Improve Your Balance

If you’re a participant in any type of board sport, like wake boarding, surfing, or snow boarding, you may know that excellent balance is your most crucial skill for success in your sport. In order to be proficient, you need to work on improving your balance. Here are the top three ways board sporters can enhance their balance skills…

First of all, the key to proficiency in any board sport is to have what insiders refer to as a “quiet upper half”. Translated, that means your torso should remain static, or without motion as much as possible.

Your legs and to a lesser extent your core muscles should adjust with the changing terrain or water. Watch a world class gymnast as an example. Proper gymnastics form requires a still, even upper body while the legs do most of the work.

In board sports, the same holds true. In order to maintain good balance, you need to train yourself to use your legs and core muscles instead of your arms and torso.

Here are the three best ways to improve your balance for board sports: Meepo board

Fitball Balance Discs

A fitball balance disc is an inflatable piece of fitness equipment that is usually about 18 inches across. The bottom of the disc is flat and grounded, while the top is semi circular and unstable.

The purpose of this equipment is to help you maintain your posture and balance on an unsteady surface. Because they are quite small, they are ideal for apartments and tighter living quarters. You should use the disc with one foot or both, and attempt to stay atop it for progressively longer periods of time. It will usually take you several minutes to become acclimated, so don’t worry if you can’t master the exercise right away.

In addition to working on your balance, using a fitball disc is a great way to train your core muscles for board sport movements.

Balance Boards

A balance board is probably the single best training tool for board sports. It basically replaces and simulates your snow, wake, surf, or skate board. There are several different sizes available, with models designed for specific board sports.

Typically, the board is mounted on a roller or a sphere. The object, of course, is to stay atop the board and maintain your balance. Board sport enthusiasts are amazed at the almost exact level of simulation, and it’s an ideal training method if the weather is uncooperative for outdoor activities.

Pilates And Yoga

There’s a reason why both pilates and yoga have exploded in popularity over the last ten years. Not only do both forms of exercise work on stretching and leaning out your body, they rely on balance skills to do so. Further, they are totally non impact while providing a stimulating and challenging workout.

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