Customer Service: How Can I Build a Good Relationship With My Customer?

20 Jul by Worldhide

Customer Service: How Can I Build a Good Relationship With My Customer?

We’ve heard the term “customer service” for quite some time now. Ever wondered what it really means? Its more than just a department. It’s how you market yourself in a way that will give you more customers and better client retention if done the right way. Your attitude towards your customers is extremely essential. The service and goodwill you bring to the table determines your mettle as an entrepreneur and as a company. Every client of yours must get attention, recognition, and understanding at all times. Each and every person you come in contact with should be made to feel like they are very important to you and their opinions matter.

These things may seem small but are truly the base of customer service. It’s also about how you put your product out in the market. In other words, the way you handle your branding. A good brand sets the standard of your products really high in the outside world. It aids in managing customer expectations. For instance, if you mention Burger King, many people imagine a burger with some french-fries. But when you say Adidas, people will think of sports gears and sport related equipment. This entails that individuals know what to expect even before they set their foot in the store or log on to your company website. Telus webmail down

Balancing Expectations

Customer service is also about expectations. Customers expect certain standards with regards to their purchases of your product. After-sales-service is one criteria that creates a bad impression on consumers if not taken seriously. When people purchase your product they expect it to deliver. They’ve put in their hard-earned money and invested in a product that’s been manufactured or promoted by you. Thus, they expect the product to be durable and efficient. If that happens, they are content with the services and perceive it as satisfactory. For some reason, if you aren’t in par with their expectations, then they perceive this experience as not satisfactory. This goes to prove that managing your customer’s expectations is of utmost significance. It doesn’t matter if you are polite, friendly and empathetic towards them. If they don’t get what they want, they deem this as ‘poor customer service’.

Managing Challenges

How you manage problems in customer service is also considered extremely substantial. Not all days are same and things do go wrong once in a while. You can’t shut shop due to these minor road-blocks. People running an enterprise are adults and accepting mistakes is what responsible adults do. So, if you are having a rough day at office, would you let that affect your relationship with your customers? Absolutely not! Put yourself in your customer’s position and see what it feels like to be a consumer who has valid complaints. You would want your voice to be heard. Your frustration and anger is justifiable. However, if someone from customer service attends to you and finds an alternative to your problem, you’d be elated. That’s exactly what you have to do when consumers come up with genuine complaints. Find quick solutions and make life easy for your shoppers.

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