Do Not Send Your Child Off To College Without A Keychain Alarm

7 Aug by Worldhide

Do Not Send Your Child Off To College Without A Keychain Alarm

The day your child heads off to college, especially when they will be travelling a fair distance and living on campus, can be an extremely emotional time for parents. It’s the first time that many kids really strike out on their own for the first time and empty nest syndrome can hit hard for mothers, fathers and siblings alike. You worry about their grades, their finances, who they will befriend and of course you worry about their general well-being. With all of this stress and worry during a time that should be celebrated and joyous it would be nice to have a simple and effective way of alleviating some of this stress. Well, there is one and it’s called a keychain alarm. acrylic charms

A keychain alarm is a device that shouldn’t cost more than 20 dollars and can offer protection for your college student that may prove to be absolutely invaluable. Unlike a stun gun, taser, pepper spray or mace a keychain alarm does now work by physically harming an attacker or incapacitating an individual in any physical sense. This makes these alarms entirely safe to carry for any man, woman, child and most importantly your college student. Keychain alarms work by simply emitting an extremely loud alarm that works to both frighten away an attacker and alert everyone within shouting distance that a crime is occurring.

If your curious as to how a sound alone is going to scare an attacker I should make it very clear that we are talking about an alarm so loud it is equivalent to sitting in the 10th row of your average rock concert (most of these keychain alarms register at least 130 decibels!). Even some scumbag looking to attack a student walking alone on a campus at night is smart enough to understand that the loud alarm means people’s attention will be drawn and the chances of him being caught shoot through the roof. Chances are very good that he will turn tail and run immediately for fear of being apprehended.

Another thing about the keychain alarm is that it makes it possible for someone to still call out for help even if an attacker moves quickly and covers a victim’s mouth. While a scumbag attacker is concerned with covering a victim’s mouth so that he or she cannot scream for help, the victim can simply set off the alarm and the attacker’s plans are immediately spoiled.

So please, if you have a child heading off to college in the fall or already have one enrolled please do yourself, your family and your child a huge favor and make sure they have a keychain alarm with them at all times.

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