Finding the Right Online Lab Equipment Store

10 Jul by Worldhide

Finding the Right Online Lab Equipment Store

Purchasing new or recertified medical lab equipment from an online store is an ideal option because it allows you to examine and choose the instruments you need from the comfort of your home or office. However, finding the right online lab equipment store is important to buy quality instruments for accurate and timely test results. reagent supplier

Here are some questions that you should ask when you are looking for an online supplier of lab instruments:

  • Is this an established and reliable store? Check whether the online store in question is an established one and has good experience in the field. Make sure the supplier has safe online payment facilities and a reliable shipping policy which gets your instruments to you in time.
  • Do they offer recertified devices? In addition to new, the right store would also offer recertified devices. If you have budget constraints, recertified instruments are a good option. Reliable online stores purchase used instruments, refurbish them to meet original manufacturer specifications, and then offer them for sale at prices which are much below new.
  • Do they supply high quality lab equipment? Always choose a store supplying quality laboratory equipment from leading brands. An established supplier can offer both new and recertified equipment at the best prices.
  • Do they have the latest products? A reliable store would update its inventory every now and then with the latest products. This is important as technology is always changing. Advanced instruments are designed for high throughput, and offer accurate results in minimal time. If you cannot afford to pay upfront for an advanced device like an analyzer, see if the dealer offers an option like a reagent rental plan.
  • Do they offer adequate warranty? Look for quality instruments with proper warranty. If recertified, look for at least 90 days parts warranty. Medical lab equipment is expensive and proper warrantee is important.
  • Is good technical support and onsite installation available? Ensure that the dealer offers onsite installation by technical experts. Onsite maintenance and repair,customized service contracts, timely material and service visits – all these are important things to look for when choosing an online supplier of lab instruments. Choose the store only if they offer dependable customer service. Confirm that technical support is always available.
  • Do they offer necessary reagents, consumables and other supplies: A timely supply of necessary reagents, consumables and other supplies is crucial to ensuring the smooth flow of you lab operations. So make sure that the store offers the supplies and accessories for the equipment you purchase.
  • Are the products competitively priced? When you have decided to purchase a particular piece of equipment, do some research on costs. Check out the product’s market price and see if you can find an online store that charges a lower rate.

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