How to Lay Wood Flooring

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How to Lay Wood Flooring

In this article we look at how to lay wood flooring in six steps that you can follow yourself. If you’ve followed my other article on how to lay laminate flooring, then many of the steps are very similar, but there are a few differences when it comes to laying a hardwood floor. If you’re nervous about how to lay wood flooring and about your level of DIY skills in general, don’t be afraid to ask a more experienced friend if they can help out. Technological advancements with in hardwood flooring have meant that the products are both higher quality, and easier to fit as well. wood flooring Manchester

Before we get started with our how to lay wood flooring guide, you’ll need to ensure your wood flooring has been left in the room you plan to install it in for at least 48 hours before you start the process of laying. This is an important step since the boards themselves are composed from a natural material, they must be allowed to acclimatise to the new room temperature and moisture levels they will be exposed to. As the boards adjust to the new environment, they will expand or contract accordingly. You also need to make sure that you clean your sub-floor thoroughly to remove any dirt and small particles that may cause problem when you come to lay the wood flooring.

Let’s make a start and begin our guide to how to lay wood flooring:

Step 1 – tools for the job

  • a panel saw or electric saw (e.g. circular saw)
  • tile spacers
  • safety glasses
  • a hammer
  • a pencil
  • set square
  • knee pads
  • masking tape
  • a sharp craft knife
  • tapping block
  • a pulling bar
  • self-adhesive underlay

Step 2 – how to measure for your wood floor

To calculate the amount of wood flooring you’ll need for your project, you will have to measure you space to calculate the total area squared that needs to be covered. Wood flooring comes in various pack sizes depending on the variety you buy, and these packs tell you both the board dimensions, and the overall coverage achievable per pack. In order to calculate how many packs of wood flooring necessary for your project, first measure the width of your room and the length. Multiply these numbers by each other to give you your total area size. Awkward rooms can sometimes be difficult to measure, but the best way to try and overcome this it to try and divide up your area into smaller spaces that you can be square off, and then add the individual area sizes of these squares together. To calculate how many packs of wood flooring you’ll need, take your total area size (this needs to be in the same units as the ones used on the wood flooring packaging), and divide this number by the total area covered on one packet of wood boards.

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