Kitchen Cabinet Doors: Know the Different Types of Wood Stain Finish

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Kitchen Cabinet Doors: Know the Different Types of Wood Stain Finish

When you are planning to do a kitchen cabinet and refacing project, choosing the type and design of your kitchen cabinet doors require lots of attention and focused planning. There are so many options and choices you have to make. Your objective is to have a new kitchen look where everything is well fitted and pleasing to the eyes when the project is finished.

You can either choose solid hardwood cabinet doors in every popular wood species in stained, pre-finished or unfinished style. You can choose a stained finish which costs only as little as $5.00 per sq. ft. There are several types of wood stains such as the “wiping stain” which is applied by spraying the stain and immediately wiping off the excess. There is the “premium spray no wipe” stain which is applied by spraying the materials onto the product and allowing it to dry. There is no wiping of the door to remove excess material. Spray equipment and spraying technique are major factors that influence the final look of the product because the color is controlled by the amount of stain applied. This type of stain finish is recommended on Cherry, Birch, Hard Maple, Soft Maple and Pine for a more consistent blotch free look. Front Door Refinishing

Another type of stain is the “primed only for paint” which is composed of solid color pigments mixed with a primer base. A White paint finish is applied and allowed adequate time to dry. The final layer of the finish must be compatible with an acid catalyzed conversion finish.

A popular type of stain is the “solid tone colors” which is composed of solid color pigments mixed with topcoat after applying a primer. When dried, door is scuff sanded and receives a coat of solid color. This process is recommended for wood species like Birch, Maple or Poplar with an MDF center panel. There are other variations of stain finish available like the “solid tone wood grain finish.” This finish is available in all solid tone colors as ash, red oak and white oak. The finish process is like that of the solid tone colors minus the primer to allow the wood grain to be visible.

The “premium spray no wipe 2-step” stain is similar to the regular spray no wipe, except the color is applied in two steps with dry time between coatings. The color is controlled by the amount of stain that is applied to the process. Lastly, the “combination stain process” uses both a premium spray no wipe stain and a wiping stain to achieve a specific color finish. The above quality stain finishes are only done by experienced finishers and not by amateurs.

There are also available kitchen doors which are the contemporary laminate type or contemporary Rigid Thermo Foil (RTF) style. Your choice of the right and appropriate moldings, trimmings and accessories will also determine the visual appeal and impact of your kitchen doors. There are many options to choose when it comes to hinges and locks. In order to save on professional installation cost, you can make it a DIY project if you want ready to assemble and pre-finished doors. Search for an online store which offers custom built or ready to assemble kitchen doors including matching self-adhesive veneers, with do-it-yourself installation manuals and how to video

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